Paula Whitaker
M.ED., M.A.
  • Ms. Paula has been performing Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder evaluations for thirty years. She has evaluated individuals of all ages starting with age five years through age 60 years. Her background in education has been invaluable in testing children and adults with Attention Deficit Disorders with and without hyperactivity. She has performed approximately one thousand ADD/ADHD evaluations during her career. The evaluation takes at least 3 sessions. The initial session is a history taking session and the evaluation process is explained during this initial session. All evaluation forms are provided during this initial session. The second session is spent entirely with the client and the evaluation procedures are directly administered to the client. The third session is a results session in which the evaluation report is reviewed with the client and other interested parties.
  • The evaluation of his condition involves a thorough history taking of the client, collateral information provided by others in the clients life or who have knowledge of the history or current status of the client, teacher input if a child is being evaluated, objective and subjective checklist and symptom list completion, individual interviews and behavioral observations, an objective computerized test of attention, impulse control and hyperactivity and consultation with treating medical professionals. This information is compiled into a six to eight page report of findings that outlines available treatment options.
Please contact us for an ADD/ADHD evaluation. It will be a life changing event! We may be reached at 281-357-4111.

"The transition from the darkness of night to the light of day can change our lives forever."

Paula Whitaker             

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